UAE Visa Change Inside Country Without Exit: How To Apply Online

Change your visa status without exiting the country with UAEVISAGOV’s ‘visa change without exit’ package. No more troublesome process of exiting the country and coming back when you can change the status of your UAE visa without exiting the country. Now you don’t need to go through the time-consuming process of waiting in the airport for long hours or travelling to Oman by Bus.


UAEVISAGOV introduces new visa change packages for all nationalities, a hassle-free and more relaxed way of changing visas without exiting any other country. Both 30 days and 90 days packages are available at a reasonable price.


What Is The ‘UAE Inside Country Visa Change’?

UAE Visa change inside the country is a process of changing the status of a current tourist or cancelled employment visa to a new tourist visa without exiting the country. In simple terms, this type of UAE visa procedure allows for visa changes within the country.


It is specifically intended for foreign nationalities who are ex-pats or who are in the UAE for business, vacation/leisure, or to visit friends/relatives and wish to change the status of their UAE visa. The best part about the ‘UAE Inside Country Visa’ is that you can change your visa status without leaving the UAE.


Tourist/Visit visa holders with valid visas and tourists who are already in the UAE will be able to change their visas. However, due to the pandemic situation, it is not possible to rely on the usual method of Airport to Airport or Travelling to Oman by Bus for changing the status from current visa to new visa. So you can use the online service to apply for UAE Inside Country Visa Change through UAEVISAGOV. This is the easiest and convenient process for changing a UAE visa. Applicants must submit the necessary documents three working days prior to their exit date in order to apply.

Who Can Avail Visa Change Inside The Country?

Visa change inside the country will be available for visitors who are already inside the UAE. Tourist/Visit visa holders can change their visa status without exiting. As Airport-airport and Oman visa change by bus is a tedious process, UAEVISAGOV offers the easiest way for UAE visa change inside the country through its website. It is also for tourist visa holders and for on-arrival nationalities.


You can talk to our visa expert for more information.


Criteria for UAE Inside Country Visa change


You can apply for this visa procedure if:

  • Have On-arrival Visa
  • You have 30 days or 90 days Tourist Visa
  • You have 30 days or 90 days Multiple-entry Visa
  • Cancelled Residence Visa
  • You haven’t indulged in any crime that would cause your visa change processing request to be denied or rejected.


Documents for processing Inside country visa change


  1. Passport copy
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Old visa tourist/cancelled visa copy
  4. On arrival, nationalities would only require a Passport copy and photograph if they have entered UAE using the On-Arrival facility.


Benefits Of The UAE Visa Change Inside Country


  • It offers the convenience to change your visa status in the UAE or in Dubai itself. This alleviates the need to fly back to your home country to reapply for a UAE visa, whether it’s a visitor or tourist visa.
  • It’s also a good alternative to other time-consuming and problematic visa change options. As a result, you won’t have to wait in long airport queues or take arduous bus rides to Oman.
  • Another great advantage is that it is inexpensive and not at all complicated. Yes, you can complete this process with minimum paperwork and at modest charges through us.
  • It’s also perfect for expats who have cancelled their employment or residence visas in the recent past and want to stay in the country on a tourist visa.
  • Most importantly, this method can be obtained from a trusted service provider like UAEVISAGOV. We have a separate section on our website dedicated to UAE visa change Inside Country provisions.


A comprehensive Guide For Processing Of UAE Visa Change Inside Country


  • To change your UAE visa status, contact UAEVISAGOV’s visa experts.
  • Make sure that you send us all your required paperwork before your existing visa expires (at least four to five days before).
  • You can either come into our office or send your documents to us via email.
  • Kindly provide us with your current contact information, such as your phone number, address, and email address.
  • You have to pay the charges for the processing of your visa change request.
  • We will notify you through email or phone once your visa change has been applied.


Are Visa Extension And Visa Change The Same?


No, visa extension and visa change are different. In fact, not every UAE Country Inside Visa services are the same. For more information, please contact our experts, who will not only carefully listen to your specific visa requirements but will also clearly explain the differences and conditions/rules related to it. They further assure you of the most appropriate and best guidance for selecting the right visa package.


Is It Possible To Change My UAE Visa If I Overstay In The Country?


You are only allowed to stay in the UAE for the duration of your UAE visa, which ranges from 30 to 90 days, with a 10-day grace period. Any overstay beyond this time period will result in a hefty fine. This would cost AED 200 for the first day and AED 100 for each additional day of your overstay. The grace period for a resident visa is normally 30 days, beyond which you will be fined AED 125 on the first day and AED 25 each day on consecutive days.


We can change your UAE visa status after you clear the penalty for the number of days you overstayed.

How Long Will It Take To Process Visa Change Requests With UAEVISAGOV?

If you have submitted the relevant documentation, it will take two to three working days.

What Are The Advantages Of UAEVISAGOV’s Visa Change Inside Country Package?

The applicants who book this package from us will retrieve the following ameliorates:


  • For a visa change, the individual does not need to pay a deposit at Dubai International Airport.
  • It is less laborious as the individual does not have to spend two or more days outside of UAE to obtain a new visa.
  • Get assistance and cooperation throughout the visa change process.
  • Trustworthy service
  • Quick processing of visa in just two to three days
  • Easy procedure



So, what better way to avoid all the hassles of changing your UAE visa? For more information about the UAE Inside Country change Visa service, you can use our easy and simple online enquiry form or call +9714 386 0603 to speak with one of our visa representatives. These procedures can be completed from the comfort of one’s own home; there is no need to leave the country.