Easy Way to Get 90 Days UAE Visa Online

The most important aspect of planning an international trip is obtaining a visa that is on the checklist of many travelers. What if you’re planning a Dubai trip for more than a month? Then, to enter the city of skyscrapers, you’ll need a 90-day UAE visa.


Dubai is a stopover destination for thrilling desert safari, the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, ultra-modern facilities, lavish Arabs lifestyle, and, of course, gold. Imagine visiting such an exciting location without having to deal with any hassles. To dispel the myth, Dubai can also be planned on a budget. Obtaining a UAE visa is simple and cheap with UAEVISAGOV. You can apply for a 90 days UAE visa online through the UAEVISAGOV portal and expect to get it within 2-3 working days.


90 Days UAE Visa


90 days UAE Visa for those who prefer to stay in UAE for an extended period. It is the best option if you are visiting the UAE for sightseeing, job hunting, or simply to meet with friends and family in the country.


UAEVISAGOV, operated by Dusk Travel and Tourism is one of the most trusted visa service providers in UAE, will assist you in obtaining a 90-day UAE tourist/business/visit visa with no hassles. We specialise in providing authentic services to our customers at a low cost.


Why Should You Apply For a 90 Days UAE Visa?


A 90 days UAE visa is a long term visa. People travelling to UAE or Dubai for leisure and comfort for more than a month may apply for a 90-day UAE visa.


Requirements to Apply For a 90 Days UAE Visa Online


Take a look at how to apply for a 90 days UAE visa the right way to avoid any possible rejections.


  1. The foremost thing for applying for a 90-day UAE visa is to have a confirmed return Dubai flight ticket.


  1. Then, you just have to email us the 3 basic documents mentioned below:
  • Confirmed return Dubai air ticket
  • Scanned copy of passport’s first and last pages
  • Scanned colour copy of a passport-size photograph


  1. To apply for a 90-day UAE visa, you will also need the following documents.
  • Photocopies of passports and proof of residency for friends/relatives living in UAE.
  • An invitation letter issued from friends/relatives in UAE.
  • Alternate local contact information of two friends/relatives in UAE.


Please keep in mind that immigration officials may request additional documents if considered necessary. You will also be required to submit those documents.


90 Days UAE Visa Cost


Generally, in 2 to 3 days, you will get your 90 days UAE visa or 3 months UAE visit visa.


To get a 90 day UAE visit visa at a cheap rate, apply through UAEVISAGOV. Our 90 Days UAE online e-visa price includes the mandatory Covid covered medical insurance.


For some nationalities, the 90 days UAE visa price can vary. Please check the UAEVISAGOV website or contact us on +9714 386 0603 to know which price applies to you.


How to Apply For a 90 Days Visa from UAE Online?


Apply for 90 days UAE visa from us in the following easy steps:


  • Visit www.uaevisagov.com
  • Select the nationality in which you are currently living.
  • Register with us
  • Select visa types.
  • Fill visa Application Form and upload the required documents.
  • Pay the required visa fee.
  • Get your visa in your mail.


Once we get the required documents for the visa application, we will contact you soon for further assistance.


90 Days Multiple Entry Visa


  1. A 90-day multiple-entry visa allows the applicant to enter and exit the UAE as many times as they choose throughout the duration of the visa.
  2. The cost of our 90-day multiple-entry visa includes the government-mandated Covid-19 medical insurance. Take a look at our best deal for a 90-day multiple-entry visa.


Essential Things About UAE Visa


Some important points to keep in mind before applying for a UAE visa with us:


  • You may apply for a specific UAE visa type based on your purpose of visit, nature of work, and duration of stay.


  • When applying for a UAE visa, your passport must be valid for at least six months. If it expires before 6 months, you’ll have to renew it.


  • The UAE visa is an e-visa. This visa must be printed and joined to your passport.


  • UAE immigration officials do not provide you with reasons for youri visa rejection. But our years of experience assist you to avoid the mistakes that can lead to possible UAE visa rejections.


Can I Extend My 90 days UAE Visa?


Yes, you can extend your 90 days UAE visa. UAEVISAGOV can renew or extend your stay and do your visa change inside UAE without requiring you to exit from UAE. The process of visa change or extension of a visa can be completed in two days. To extend or renew your 90 days UAE visa without leaving the UAE, we only need a copy of your passport.


Is COVID Insurance Mandatory When Buying a 90 days UAE Visa?


Yes, in the ongoing situation of covid-19, the UAE govt has made it mandatory that 90 days visa or any visit visas issued online should include COVID medical insurance together.


Is It Safe to Get My UAE E-visa From UAEVISAGOV?


UAEVISAGOV provides maximum safety for your personal data, confidentiality, and we invest a lot in the security of our database. Your all personal information is safer with us.


Apply 90 Days UAE Visa at a Cheap Rate With UAEVISAGOV


UAEVISAGOV is a dedicated visa service provider in the UAE. UAEVISAGOV, operated by Dusk Travel and Tourism, is one of the fastest visa-issuing agencies in Dubai that directly deals with immigration for approval & visa issuance and does not depend on any agents and sub-agents. It makes UAE visa applications simple, fast, and reliable. In the current COVID situation, our UAE visa services include COVID insurance. All UAE visa prices are included with COVID insurance. We facilitate the best deals for our customers in issuing UAE Visa or UAE Visa from UAE.


For reliable UAE visa services, visit www.uaevisagov.com.